Game image freezing for 1-10 second spikes


Played all last season without any issue. Now that the new update is out, I can't run a single crusade without a few lag spikes of 1-10 seconds. Game display will freeze, while I still hear stuff going on, I can still move my character and attack, but the screen is frozen, so i have to hope I made the right moves/attacks during the image freeze. This never happened before.

I run the game at max settings with 90fps. I've tried all the google'd steps to try fixing this, disabling gsync, put low settings, turned off several CPU cores, tried Keyboard/Mouse (I use a controller), verified game files, etc. Nothing is working to stop these huge lag spikes. One thing that is interesting, is when this happened, my chrome tabs on my 2nd display are even effected. Once the game's display resumes, the chrome tabs also resume.

No other game does this, and this game never did it during last season. This occurs on all my characters, on all seasons now. Getting so frustrated... This doesn't occur on my Steam Deck. However, it does have graphical glitches where the enemies stop moving briefly but my character can move and reposition without image freeze.

Is anyone else experiencing this with the new update?

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Game image freezing for 1-10 second spikes
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145 days ago


I know you said you tried most stuff to be found online, but you haven't explicitly mentioned them, so in case you haven't, please 

  • uncheck the Steam Option : Steam > Settings > In-Game > Second Option "Use the Big Picture Overlay when using a steam input...
  • delete font files from C:\...\documents\Neocoregames\warhammer martyr\fonts\ (I know this one seems wild, but do try it please!) 
  • try re-installing the game by first manually deleting all its files, as a basic re-install command will leave files on the PC

Let me know if any of these did anything for you