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If i have any build which uses shock and uses the Psalm doctrine : Causing Shock on an enemy creates an explosion dealing halved Damage and Shock to nearby enemies. My game hard crashes and says Fatal Error not enough free user ID, it mostly happens on AoE abilities when many enemies get shocked at once. And furthermore the bugs around the Stasis Casket getting worse, often tab 3 ,4 are empty after i put items in, and sometimes the whole casket get empty and it needs an insane amount of time to try and reload until they show back up, at this point its hard to even play the game or progress the season. At the moment i cant even finish one mission without hard crashing every single time, and if i want to change psalms they are gone because of the casket bug, its getting really frustrating. in my last post i told you about the crashes when i use the items with : in enraged state shock enemies within 5m, that time i also used the psalm doctrine : Causing Shock on an enemy creates an explosion dealing halved Damage and Shock to nearby enemies, so i guess those hard crashes evolve around shock and explosion, ive played now 500+ hours, and i kinda understand that this bug is possible because that psalm doctrine does an insane amount of damage at once and it pops a lot of damage numbers and stats at once. Maybe the engine cant handle it? but i cant remember that i ever encountered that problem before and i used the doctrine for a while now. Hope my details can help you out and help to fix the problem.

Update: I've encountered the same crash again on a +10 mission , i replaced the 6 slot psalm doctrine with a +physical damage , and i replaced the 3 slot psalm doctrine( Killing a Shocked enemy creates an explosion causing Shock and dealing damage equal to Damage from the killing blow) with +physical damage, and my game crashes after replacing both psalms around 2 minutes later on average , tried it several times, so its not exclusive to the shocked doctrines, it seems they just accelerate the crashing. When i do a +5 with the same loadout(+physical damage) i dont crash, so it seems the longer i stay in a mission and the longer i do damage(+10 i dont one shot things so the damage and debuffs stack and linger much longer) the higher the chance is to crash.

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Game crashes/bug
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2 years 20 days ago
Yes, the eye implant is the item.  Mostly I fight using item set 2, the Grav-gun, which also adds shock.  It happens fairly regularly.  I think it mostly happens whenever there a lot of weak enemies, like in the Nurgle missions.  Seems like it happens in the Aeldar missions often too.   It can take about 3-5 minutes to crash.  I'm not fast, but I'm thorough.

Also, it happens on those 5+ level missions, probably because the enemies stay alive longer after getting shocked at my enraged state.  Hope that helps.

2 years 26 days ago
I borrowed your seasonal character which equips this specific eye implant(?). Ran a couple of missions but could not reproduce the crash. Does the problem occur on all mission or there are certain ones which crash on a higher rate?
2 years 30 days ago

update:  If I run the mission without my super-cool enchant that shocks everything in 5 meters when I'm enraged, I can complete the mission.

2 years 30 days ago
I too am crashing over and over again with:

Fatal Error at ..\..\src\GameLogic\Helpers\EDManager.cpp(157): Not enough free ID! UserID: 0

I have an enchant that causes shock within 5 meters when I'm enraged, which is pretty much all the time.