Game Crashes unexpectedly


Hello, I have been playing/ trying to play this game. I enjoy it a lot although there seems to be an issue with it crashing unexpectedly sometimes. I cannot duplicate the issue as it is always when doing something different and never at the same time.

I checked to see if there were any issues with my hardware< and I couldnt find any such as a memory or gpu memory leak. My CPu has been stable while playing.

CPU - Ryzen 3700X      GPU - GTX3080      RAM - Gskill 3600Mhz 32GB

I have made sure to update my CPU chipset drivers, Motherboard, GPU Drivers. Unfortunately when the crash occurs its through windows so I dont believe there is any crash report being sent through to assist you with discovering the issue. I disabled all ingame overlays ( Nvidia Experience, Steam). I have looked through a number of articles and have tried to change graphics settings from anywhere from low to Maximum.

I also completed the double verify on steam as I have seen you mention that a couple times. At this point I will be completing an uninstall and reinstall on to a different drive, as that could be the issue although seems farfetched.

Just wondering if I could have any troubleshooting assistance as again, fantastic game with great gameplay and lore and graphics do look very nice.

Please advise if I can get you any further info. Thanks.

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Game Crashes unexpectedly
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2 years 46 days ago

For me, the game (Martyr) crashes immediately after the first sequence of the intro/tutorial, just as you receive achievement 'First steps on the Martyr'.  I reload and restart the characters (2) that I have had this happen with and both cause the game to crash while loading.  Very repeatable.  I can't really play the game except that short intro sequence.

I have the Steam version of the game.  I have
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor 8 Cores

AMD Radeon R9 200 Series

2 years 46 days ago
You guys ever tried to roll back Windows to an earlier Version that worked?

I played this game for years and experienced Crashes sometimes yes, but not as extreme as you describes it. And I have 100 upon 100´s of hrs of play.

It also makes me wonder what kind of Power Unit you are using on your Computer.

2 years 49 days ago
Same here, support replys fast to my first mail with solutions but i tryed all of them and... it is still crashing after 1-2 minutes -_- i have played the first 4-5 missions and have 4h "gametime" cause the game freezes and freezes. i hope steam will refund me. Sad cause this game is nice if you can play it. but i have more time in introvideo and reainstalling then ingame playing. its annoying. 
2 years 51 days ago
i get 4 crashes in 0,7 hours ...

in this time i can solve first story mission (after 3. try)

ryzen 5 5600x 

16 GB DDR4 

x470 Mainboard

RTX 2070

Windows 10

2 years 64 days ago
1 crash/hour seems to be "normal" for this game.

I'll have to think long and hard about buying any more games from this company.

2 years 80 days ago

Same question for me. I've lost count of how many crashed reports the system automatically sent and no one responded.