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First of all brilliant game Neocore. This team has set the benchmark in this space. This game has brought me so much joy after a long graft at the office.

I noticed a few items are not available, notably founders items. Will Neocore release a paid DLC for these items? I would imagine all these items should be enjoyed by the community as we head towards the offline mode. I'm almost certain a lot of people would support and buy such a DLC bundle. Having this masterpiece complete with all its items would be a real treat.

Thank you <3

The Emperor Protects

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Founder Edition Items
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118 days ago
We'll think about it for sure :) 
119 days ago
Any news about this ? I started playing the game this year and I'm absolutely loving it! As a completionist player it really saddens me that I cannot obtain some founder and limited event cosmetics. I understand that we should not devalue them that is why I would gladly pay for a DLC to obtain them and complete the same ingame objectives that other players did in the past to obtain them.
124 days ago
This makes me super happy. I understand we don't want to devalue the items. Hopefully the team can come up with a great solution. A Paid DLC would be eaten up in a heartbeat :)
127 days ago
Hi! :) We'll entertain the idea for sure! Would be great I agree, don't want to 'devalue' it though either :) 
128 days ago
Any Developers? Community Manager? care to provide some insight into the above?