For the love of everything that is holy, Remove the purple screen filter from max Wrap Heat


I can't express enough how much I hate this, I would mod the game and risk a ban if I knew how to remove it from my game. It is ugly, distracting and annoying beyond reason. I don't know what do I need to do to get you guys to remove this shit from the game as it add zero value and does nothing but hurt all the hard work you guys put in the game visuals. 

Please, include and option or out right remove it from the game, I can't stress enough how much this is hurting my enjoyment of the game. 

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6 years 34 days ago

3 things to that:


 it is an question of the personal preferences. for me i like it. iam a warhammer fan and read many novels. and than you know you play with warp... i mean... THE WARP, you understand?and when i use this power too mutch i have effects of madnass and i like the idea and it feels as an kind of dangerous madnes. so for me it give me the reight feeling of an psyker.

and its okay for an casual player that is no option for him.

2 :

an option to deaktivate (or change the intensity) is a good thing, with that can you disable it and i have it aktive. but komplett disabeling... no that is not an option.


your choice of your words... realy... a littel bit more propriety/kindness please. saying tot the team that create a good idea

"remove this shit!" is no social intercourse

in germany we say: "i have to clean your dirty mouth with soap"

6 years 34 days ago
I don't mind it too much but I could see how some people would get aggravated with it. It's more of a visual cue than anything though. In case you don't look at your meter you can at least have some kind of cue to let you know you're at maximum heat.
6 years 34 days ago

Audio would be nice, the void whispering in your ear to give in :D.

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6 years 34 days ago
I'm not huge on it either, but I like the overall idea... maybe just an audio que or something around the index, tendrils of warp energy or somesuch.
6 years 34 days ago
100% agree. 

please remove the warp purple effect

terribly annoying

does not add to the game. actually, it takes away from it