For a moment I was almost shocked

  • Two new Tarot seals added: one for the Tech-Adept and one for the Sororitas, aiding them in obtaining class-specific loot

And then it turned out it's not for the tech fragments...

Well, ok, it is a bit of an improvement, I guess. It would be good, Neocore, if you could also fix my module, while you're at it.

Also, any chance of adding seal conversion? You know, being able to spend all that junk now that there is at least one somewhat useful seal for the TA?

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For a moment I was almost shocked
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1 year 135 days ago
This comment was deleted 1 year 134 days ago by Jim Fox
1 year 137 days ago
Well, while you're taking care of some low priority issues and since you were asking in Discord about the Demented Psyker's 1-shots - yes, it is still a thing. I mentioned it a few months ago and she still does that.

I have not run into her that many times since the season started, I suppose she gets often replaced by the harbingers, but when I do run into her, she can pretty much instantly annihilate my destroyers and the vanguard lasts only a few hits. I run the missions at +10 to +12 on my main TA.

When she is lucky, not even the vanguard survives her attack. That's almost 200k effective health (not counting dmg reduction and resistances) gone in a few second in best of scenarios. Mission scaling is completely broken in her case.

1 year 137 days ago
Alright, I will ask the team to make their stats visible on their page. I cannot promise anything though but as we just released the DLC as well as the new Season we have some time to work on some lower priority issues. :)
1 year 137 days ago
That is a useful change. Even after all these years, I still use Borogrove's Github Martyr resources fairly often, they are very handy.

Since you are looking into such things and in relation to the latest hotfix: could you also add the expanded character info to the constructs? I swear it, you guys are sometimes like an evil stepmother to the TA, even when you make such a useful UI QOL feature, TA's constructs are again left out... At least add their resistances, if nothing else.

1 year 137 days ago
Seal conversion would be great but a marginal thing compared to other things which are on our list.

Since you are a long-standing community member you might be interested in the upcoming changes we plan to implement with Season 7. All the available enchants for specific items will be listed on the UI. Borogove's enchant view tool gave the idea and we want to implement this.