Few Minor Bugs


Hello, first of all I would like to thank you for such an immersive game 11/10 in my book.
Just wanted to bring up some issues that I have found:

Steps to reproduce:

Playing Rougelite Mode,
Lady Dindraine level 15 (30% more health resorted because of Potion Brewer trait)  assigned as the hospitalier at hospice,
Drinking health potions both inside & outside of combat only restores at max 50% of health -> should be 80% (50 + 30 from trait).

Same Happens for Sir Lanval with his Armoursmith trait while assigned to the merchant and resting does not increase the armor restored.

Same Happens for Sir Kay with his Bone Setter trait while while assigned to the hospice and resting does not increase the hp restored.

does those heroes being in training at the time block the restoration trait in some way ?

Some other issues:

The book that removes a negative trait only does it for the next mission after which the negative trait is back.

Sir Mordred Keeper of Excalibur Trait does not appear on the hero info screen after you get the Excalibur and progress with the campaign.

In the mission where the Picts summon a Fomorian Giant - I have killed all of them in the first turn - last one died from burning damage when I ended my turn - the Giant was summoned but he just stood there and did not go hostile, so I just continued the mission as normal. (it is a minor issue though)

again, would like to say thanks for this wonderful game.

Few Minor Bugs
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