"Failed to join match" on Xbox


It’s as it says. Recently bought the game but every time I try to play with my friend we are unable to start the mission. Gives us the same message every time. Any help would be appreciated!

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"Failed to join match" on Xbox
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269 days ago

Getting the same "failed to join match" pop-up and I'm on PC, was working fine before.

269 days ago
Same promlem on PC
271 days ago
Hey guys, thank you all for your reports. We will be looking into server connectivity on consoles, and I'll update you with any news on this. Cheers!

273 days ago
I’m also having the same issue on PlayStation. I have been looking everywhere for a solution but no luck
273 days ago
I also play on the Xbox.  This issue has been going on for the last 3 days (since Oct 11th) for my wife and I.  We were looking forward to hitting 100 on week of the hoard and we cant play together at all.

We can play solo. We have both reinstalled the game. We tried different (seasonal) characters.  We try playing at different times od the day. Nothing has worked for far.