Entire Stasis Casket Storage Empty After Update


So I just logged into the game after the update this morning at 0400 EST, when I went to put some void crusade rewards into my Statsis Casket storage I was greeted by blank storage page. Upon going through all four pages of storage I found that it was entirely empty. Nothing from the 200 hours that I grinded is present, which is a bit stressing. I couldn't tell you what every item in my storage was, but the entire page of shards and psalms being gone is a major issue in its own right, that's without factoring in all of the archeotech, ancient relic, and relics that I had dumped far too much money and time to roll just the right attributes, slotted, and upgraded. Also, all of my tarots returned to level 1 !!!

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Entire Stasis Casket Storage Empty After Update
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176 days ago

Hey guys! During this intermittent period there are two separate storages. It's somewhat easy to miss unfortunately, but you should be able to switch between them to transfer all the stuff you want. Can you confirm this was the issue?

177 days ago
Same here, requesting assistance :D