Enrage token bug


After more testing with different builds, AoE , melee, range, all classes, i singled out the suspect of the Enrage token bug.

The items with the enchant +1 Enrage token on critical hit, doesnt stack on single target and AoE skills, they only stack on channeled skills.

Because the Enrage token disappears at the same attack which gave the token, so it can never stack.

For example i do 1 crit with a single target or AoE attack, i dont get 1 token, i get 0 because after the attack animation i see the Enrage token pop up, and then disappear in a split second.

I did futher testing with get enrage token on kill, and it seems to stack correctly, so its only the enrage token on crit that is the problem, as far as i can see.

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Enrage token bug
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1 year 297 days ago
i did some further testing, and i encounter the same problem. The same attack that gives me the token deletes it, which means you cant stack them at all. Before the attack didnt delete it at the same time, so its seems to be a new bug. Furthermore one AoE attack that for example kills 3 people or lands 3 crits, which should give me 3 tokens with the "+1 Enrage token on Critical hit" and "100% chance to get en enrage token on kill" gives also only 1 token and deletes it at the same attack that gave the 1 token.
1 year 303 days ago
I also find the enrage tokens vanishing as soon as I can get them. Like in the same attack than grants token(on crit) also consumes it
1 year 309 days ago
We will check on this issue as killing 4 enemies should grant you 4 tokens, not one. Thanks for reporting it.
1 year 310 days ago

I tried it some more and yes channeled abilities do stack the tokens, but AoE abilities dont stack it correctly, for example hitting 4 targets with one attack and getting 4 crits dont give me 4 tokens, they give me one, which makes AoE Enrage token builds useless. Am i missing something , because the same builds and setup worked before well.

1 year 311 days ago

If i understood correctly, then one press of the skill button = 1 lost token, which means that in order to accumulate tokens per crit hit, you must use channeled skill(by holding attack button) which is not on power sword.  Need to think how about build "chance to get token on kill".. Maybe you're right and its bug in some weapons not others.

1 year 311 days ago
I play the Pc version as well, i use in some builds only on crit, or on crit and on kill together. Its also strange for example my Assassin has a Carthean sword and an Assassin power sword and the enrage token only stack on the Carthean and not the power sword. And yes i have with both weapons very high crit chance. The build also did work a few months ago when i was playing the warp season, so it should still work. 

Maybe its bugging in some weapons not others. I encountered same on melee Crusader, range Crusader and Psyker. 

1 year 312 days ago

hi, did not notice such a problem on the PC version. how you stacking Enrage Tokens(token on crit or chance to get token on kill or chance to get token on hit taking) and then implement?