Enchants and alternative damage stacking systems the game needs/other suggestions


Enchants and alternative damage stacking systems the game needs/other suggestions

First by no means are my Ideas mandatory, Im not requesting that any of those suggestions should be followed by the devs. I just love the game. Have put way past 1k+ hours into it and even made several Youtube build videos because i love the game so much.

But after trying to come up with new ideas and then testing them out i felt underwhelmed in performance too many times, and there are some underlying issues the game has, that forces you to use certain enchants to compete with the strongest builds.

I came up with some examples what to implement to actually make builds interesting and give not only build variety but gameplay variety, so your Daemon slaying doesnt look the same with every character. Making enchants that not only compete with tokens but give a fresh visual look to the game, and many/most suggestions use assets that the game literally already has, only applied to new Relic enchants. Which means it doesnt require a complete  new design of spells/animations ect.

First point: Enrage/Berserk

Having only Enrage/Berserk tokens to greatly increase your damage in late game has gotten very boring. Yes the game has a good amount of classes and Weapons, but making a viable build that can go far(-99%dmg) completely relies on those 2 systems.

I think we sorely need additional systems that give alternatives to increase your damage and change up your playstyle greatly.

And i mean we need them for the base game not only for seasonal enchants ect.


Relic Enchants:

5-10% chance on hit to create a ring on the ground, going inside the ring increases your damage (either range/melee or both) by 200-300%, the ring lasts for 5-10 seconds.

5-10% chance on hit/or hit taken to create a column of fire(warp/poison/physical<could be tornado like) nearby that seeks out enemies, it deals 100-200% of your AoE or Single Target damage (chosen automatically depending on which is higher) the column applies vulnerabilities, DoTs, and counts as "on hit" "on critical hit" when it hits enemies to trigger various enchants/passives/tokens

5-10% chance on hit to summon Artillery bombardments around you, damage is 100-200% of your AoE/Single target dmg, chosen by which is higher, triggers vulnerabilities, DoTs, and counts as "on hit" "on critical hit" when it hits enemies to trigger various enchants/passives/tokens

5-10% chance on hit to lay down a minefield/drop grenades, damage is 100-200% of your AoE/Single target dmg, chosen by which is higher, triggers vulnerabilities, DoTs, and counts as "on hit" "on critical hit" when it hits enemies to trigger various enchants/passives/tokens

(this would give mine/grenade perks more use)

Next point: Heat Aura alternatives

the psalm doctrine "Creates a damaging aura dealing +100% Heat damage per second. 6m radius, ticks every .25 seconds" was a very useful addition to the game, and brought many weaker builds up to the highest levels.

That being said, it has become a reliance or just a too massive benefit for many setups.

Being able to trigger vulnerabilities, DoT, Debuffs, Leech, ect. nonestop to surrounding enemies is just too good to be ignored.

By no means do i want to get rid of it, i want alternatives, first the obvious give Auras for each element, Physical that applies bleed, Poison that applies poisoned, and Warp that applies warp vuln. And does the same dmg ticks as the heat one.

As mentioned above in my relic enchant examples, we need alternatives that have similar benefits, like summoning Columns or Artillery, or for example summoning warp storms around you that have all the on hit benefits, or poison clouds, or lightning storms.

there are many good choices.

Next point: Shield/Life Drain

those 2 stats are very very strong, they are only available on melee weapons though, which has made melee considerably stronger then ranged, if a ranged character wants a fraction of the benefits he has to sacrifice a 5 slot equipment to get "Gives 12% Life Drain and Energy Shield Drain" psalm doctrine. This means ranged sacrifices a huge dmg boost from 5-6 slot psalm doctrines only to get a fraction of the benefits from melee weapons.

Most Enemies in the game rush to you anyways, so a ranged build doesnt have a much higher survivability, couple that with the lack of this insane enchant, ranged builds lack behind greatly.

I think those 2 enchants should be available for every single weapon in the game.

Next point: Grenades/Mines underperforming

grenades and mines in general underperform in damage greatly, yes there are ways to make a build around those weapons, with perks, certain passives ect. but even with maxed out enrage/berserk tokens most of them do just extreme low damage. Both of them need a complete rebalance , much higher damage, so they are actually viable to make a build around and give more gameplay variety.

Next point: Bank Slots and Character Slots

the game has an insane amount of loot and variety, and we still only got 5 main bank slots, couple that with the low character slots(if you have one radical and one puritan character per class) you dont even have enough space left to create several bank characters. This means often times scraping loot that i might want to use later on for different classes and builds only so i can still pick up new loot.

Every season should already brought in 2 bank slots per season and 1 character slot, so we actually have space to store our unobtainable seasonal loot when the season finishes.

I think we need at least 10 more bank slots already and 5+character slots, we didnt get more for so long, and this isnt even a big deal, we are not asking for new enemy types with animations and story, we just want more storage space.

Next Point:

Single Target attacks in particular Sniper builds, even with maxed out token stacks, the best gear, rolled passives into single target and aimed shots, Sniper damage and clear speed lacks behind insanely. Having no AoE is already bad enough but the damage itself on high missions (any -95% and above) is just unbelievable slow or just not reliable at all. You cant zoom out far to really hit enemies from far away, the enemies notice you and swarm you 95% of the time and your single target damage is laughable compared to any AoE build out there that hits all enemies around the target. Im literally talking that all sniper rifles should get every single target attack boosted by 500-2000%, or maybe even more, it needs to be tested, so a full decked out build can actually land one hit shots at -99% dmg missions, otherwise this whole class and idea of going aimed shots and single target can be thrown out and only be used on very easy missions, if at all. And even if the damage gets greatly boosted, the cooldown should be very low too, so you can actually compete with AoE clear times, or even compete with single target weapons like an Autogun, that actually can stack debuffs ect, with repeated hits. Sniper rifles are just a big joke right now if you go single target.
Also if we had other enchants like i mentioned, artilery fire , columns ect, we could stay ranged with our Sniper Rifle and dont have to go close combat to apply debuffs with the heat aura to enemies, it would make much more sense for this class.

Every other Single target attack in the game should be increase by 2/3 or even doubled, AoE is so insanely faster to clear at the moment, single target needs a huge boost to come anywhere close to kill/clear time. Even AoE builds used on single target enemies are often superior or do the same amount of damage as single target, so there is really no incentive to ever use single target.

Final words:

would i love to see new enemies? yes

would i love to see orcs? yes

would i love to have a real transmog system in game, that makes my crusader look like a chaos space marine, and my Assassin look like Aeldari, or look like a member from another Assassin Temple? Hell yea

But first the game needs an gameplay overhaul, the build variety is lacking very behind compared to other Arpgs, and I hope with my ideas and suggestions we can keep the ball rolling and make Inquisitor Martyr the best game it can be. Any suggestions from the community are appreciated!

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