Drukharri Menace, Grim Harvest, Bug.


Drukharri Menace, Grim Harvest, Talk to Metrodora Thelema. Can't initiate the dialogue. I go straight to inoculator customization interface. I was on that quest during back end transition. She still got an exclamation mark above her. Can't progress. Also, I was rolled back a few levels from 55 to 49 on my seasonal character.

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Drukharri Menace, Grim Harvest, Bug.
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112 days ago

Same as Xellgarath. Cant talk to Metrodora Thelema and start drukharri quest as Imperial Knight.
Main Quest softlocked as well. Reinstallation  and completeng other activities dont fix that problem.

113 days ago

I'm having the same problem essentially.  I can't access Omicron Arkh,  he's stuck in this dialog loop where when I talk to him he does the chat with the inquisitor about performing possible tech heresy.  Then I can't click him to craft, modify, change items of any kind. Metrodora Thelema,  I'm suppose to also chat with her to continue a campaign mission,  but it also sends me straight to the inoculator customization. The most frustrating one is the Omicron though.  I literally can't use a major function of the game because I can't do anything with my items. Like in the original post.  This is also occurring on my seasonal character.  Please help