Drop rate of Season 6 chest key is too low


Guys, looks like the key drops too scarcely. 

Though we have very frequent seasonal enemy encounters during each mission, often we cannot get a single key after several missions !


This makes the setting "2 guaranteed chest in seasonal mission" looks a little funny, because it's not the chests but the keys that matters. Keys are far less than chests, from what I see.

In some occasions, we don't have any key dropped during the progress of unlocking seasonal mission (0-1000 progress, many kills)

And what do we got for all these troubles ? From these super-rare keys and chests? 

Some "enchantment clamp" that would have no use after season, and 1-2 relic items : (

These  rewards are just plain and I fear that they would not be exciting even if these chests took no key to open. 

Please consider either an increase in keys, or cancel the keys, or an increase in the loots of seasonal chests.


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Drop rate of Season 6 chest key is too low
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165 days ago

Update: this is not a problem now. It seems now we have an abundance of keys.

Not sure if the dev people kindly increased the key drop rate, or the key drop rate would increase with character level, but it's OK now :)