DLC tarot cards dont lvl up


Hi there and sorry for the bad english!

on the relase from 2.0 there was a bug that the tarot card Martyrdom & Insanity dont unlocked. know they are unlocked and that is good! but it seems like that they with the gained tarot cards dont lvl up. know after 6 days of playing they dont get one point from the cards but all the other cards will lvl up. maybe its an bug with that. or iam very unlucky ^^

here the cards that dont get one point:

and here some cards that get points:

maybe other player can confirm that :)

Yore Bolt Thrower :)

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DLC tarot cards dont lvl up
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5 years 15 days ago
Thanks, we will check on these and fix the as soon as possible!
5 years 16 days ago
Hi, yes I can confirm that it´s happening to me aswell