DLC Missing from PS5 Ultimate Edition



I have just bought a copy of the Warhammer 40k Inquisitor Martyr Ultimate Edition on PS5. 

The product description states that all DLC is included.

As someone who already owned the PS4 version and has now had to buy a second edition for PS5 its a little concerning that the thing advertised is not what is supplied.

Could this please be investigated as I really don't wish to have to contact Sony for a refund of a misidentified product. 

Thank you.

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DLC Missing from PS5 Ultimate Edition
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178 days ago
Thank you for letting me know,

I'll just contact Sony and request a refund for a falsely advertised product.

178 days ago

Hi! The Ultimate Edition for PS contains all DLC that was released up to the point of its release. The Sororitas DLC came out afterwards. I agree this may be confusing, but we aren't actually publishers of the game on consoles, only developing it. I advise you contact our publishers, Nacon about this