Dissapointed in Tech Adept Construct Weapon rework


I don't recall if I commented on this when the patch was released, but it merits repeating anyway: I strongly dislike the update to the Tech Adept that changed Construct Weapons from individual items to abstracted, generic entities.

One of my favorite things about the class was the (at least theoretic) flexibility provided by the huge variety of items you or your constructs could equip. I envisioned the developers adding more interesting unique enchants to the construct weapons and modules as the updates rolled out, making a huge amount of weird combinations possible.

Instead, the enchants remain pretty much the same, and a huge part of the customization was cut off entirely.

Not only that, but the upgrade system via Tech Fragments is very boring, unrewarding and inflexible as it pretty much forces you to focus on a single construct (or a couple of them at the most). My favorite build used ALL construct types and was a lot of fun, but I don't see that being supported by the new system.

All in all, I really don't get the reasoning for the change. I realize that the amount of items could get a bit cumbersome, but that could (and still can) be avoided by making some of them (e.g. modules) rarer but more potent by default, or even blueprint-only.

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Dissapointed in Tech Adept Construct Weapon rework
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1 year 204 days ago

Inquisitive minds would still like to be aware of a viable +18 level build against Khorne. Particularly against Goreforged Flamers.

1 year 205 days ago

My opinion is, before Season 3, the various construct items were actually NOT PLAYABLE AT ALL in hard levels.

At the time, the only build that showed some potential were Vivisector self-denonate builds, but they were still not strong enough in -99% damage missions. TA was widely considered a weak character and not recommended to new players. 

The current system may lose some flexibility at first glance, but I consider it a huge success compared with the system before, because the current system actually makes most construts playable at hard levels.  TA now has more end-game playstyles and is no longer weak, and attracts more people than before (observed from my community).

On the other hand, I do agree that the upgrade system is inflexible and causes big pain, especially considering that it cannot be shared between characters and cannot be rerolled like normal items.

Marcoplocs said some changes would be made in the future, maybe we could wait and see what would happen :)

1 year 206 days ago
Thing is - there's no way to tell the difference between construct weapon tiers. What's the point of a Relic Phosphorus Gun vs. a Mastercrafted one? There're no extra properties.