Disappereance of items in inventory.


One of my characters (Sniper Assassin) has lost all her informations and ancient relics items (2 signum, 1 main implant, 1 eye implant, 1 neural implant and 1 purity seal, all between level 88 and 90) in her inventory. The items were old acquired (months ago) teken from general storage and put in the sniper's one. Could you help me?


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Disappereance of items in inventory.
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1 year 181 days ago

Similar situation happened to me yesterday.  I started an emerald void crusade with my lvl 84 Crusader and all my gear was gone on the first mission.  Everything.  I abandoned the crusade, went back the main bridge and still everything gone: my equipped gear, gear in storage and I noticed that all my previously known blueprints are gone.  I've tried contacting Neocore through chat but that's not getting anywhere.  WTF?