Did not get a seasonal character slot


I had to delete a character to create a new seasonal character for S4.

I dismissed the seasonal popup and found no way to bring it back. I wanted to check one of my other chars before creating a new seasonal Inquisitor. I speculate this was the reason why I didn't get another char slot.

Please fix for future season and ... could I have a char slot, please? :)

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Did not get a seasonal character slot
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2 years 76 days ago
That's very reassuring :)
2 years 76 days ago
@DISTEMPER‍ hit the nail on the head.

I would say there is a 99% chance that the Sister of Battle DLC will bring additional slots with it. I will definitely back this idea.

2 years 77 days ago

Oh nice! Thank you.

The option to create a seasonal char wasn't there anymore, though. A pity! :(

2 years 77 days ago

True, I think it is fair to embrace an increase in character slot when the Sister arrives.

And personally, as I just expressed in a thread, I would willingly pay for extra character slot and stash page, if there is an option.

For the seasonal popup, you can click the "Seasonal Info" button under the seasonal objective panel.