Crusade Crash


The last room of the mission was bugging out and hiding enemies and respawning them fresh if left alone. Total invisibility to bosses and others. Mini map shows them and you get hurt but they are invincible till they decide to pop up in game by getting on top of them. But walking away makes them vanish. After we won we looted the Chest room and went back to bridge to be met with ZERO rewards party wide and even being given the void crusade completion screen. Please get in touch with me so I can convince my friends not to un-install. I love Warhammer so much. Please fix this. 

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Crusade Crash
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2 years 68 days ago
It happened  also quite the same when finishing a crusade on coop. (so far no issue on solo) We finish the supreme mission, we loot the rewards in the chest room then we click on quit in order to return to the bridge=> We stay on the mission even if the characters have the teleport animation and disappears. Waiting does not solve the problem so we are forced to Alt+F4 the game.

When coming back => inventory empty and supreme mission which we just did appears greyed but not failed, Nevertheless unavailable... Seems like a server capacity issue.

Any workaround to suggest? Is there is something ongoing to solve the problem? (did not found yet an announcement about this)

2 years 131 days ago
My friends and i are having a similar issue where void crusades. I hope this gets answered.