Crashing when playing tech-adept


When playing as the tech-adept I am experiencing random CTDs, it's happened once in the middle of dialog and 3 times in combat. This has been happening during the first chapter of the adepts story at random. This is on Xbox One.

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Crashing when playing tech-adept
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124 days ago

Hi again :)

Another thing: please - in the graphics settings - put physics detail and character detail as well as persistent bodies down to zero. Let me know if maybe that helps alleviate the issue.

127 days ago
Oh crap life got in the way quick, sorry for never responding 100+ days ago. Alright so I did try reinstalling the game and it still happens around the same spot. My in game account name is Hellish Limbo. Again sorry for the super late reply.
246 days ago

Hey there, I'm sorry to hear about your trouble. Let me forward your issue to our console team, maybe they can locate what causes the issue. In the meanwhile, could you please try and see if reinstalling the game to your hardware does anything? 

Could you also please let me know what is your in-game account name?


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