Cortex fragments bug


Cortex fragments from newkilled Villians and Elites stop counting in the inventory (yet they still drop) after I have had a full inventory after one of the Void crusade's mission (Mech/Constructs with hilarious quantity of drop) and used an option to receive Rewards after I've sold some drop. Have a thought that maybe will fix by itself after week end, but still...

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Cortex fragments bug
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152 days ago
Your inventory became full during a Void Crusade mission, and since that time (even if you were to delete items from it so it isn't full anymore) specifically cortex fragments you pick up do not count as new ones in your inventory? Do you still have some, though, from before the inventory-full mission, only their number doesn't increase as you pick them up, no matter what? Am I getting this right? 

I assume from your text you have restarted the game several times since then, yes?
Could you please let me know what your in-game account name is?