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Two years ago i stopped playing inquisitor martyr because it simply got too boring alone... I recently made a comeback to the game to find out there was added a lot of stuff. That seasons are a thing now and void crusades are playable in coop but still i can't find anyone to play together.

I tried to find an active cabal, there are people online but still almost no communication and noone is interested in cooperative gameplay. Not for fun or even the immersion.

Recently the Adepta Sororitas Class was announced to be released which will have auras/skills that affect also other players but will there be more coop gameplay? Otherwise it will be again the same, possible potential lost!

Im at 200+ hours of playtime and i have 20 coop missions so far and 1/50 from the savior achievement. Which tells me that these achievements won't be earned in a natural way, if anyone could help me out with the savior achievement i would appreciate it!

Right now im at lvl 80+ tech adept in the season. If anyone is looking for a coop partner for now or in the future just leave me a note and for the devs... please make coop more lukrative. Every hack n slash game kinda is downgraded to a singleplayer game with online requirements.

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Cooperative Gameplay
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1 year 133 days ago

Here is an invitation link which redirects you to the game's official Discord server:

There are plenty of fellow players there whom you can complete the Co-Op achievements. 

1 year 134 days ago

The general chat does not work during missions, so people have to be on the bridge at the exact time you are, in order to view any messages. This leads to lots of people getting frustrated because they never get any replys, or assuming the game is dead, and stop playing. I see players like you every day, getting frustrated by the lack of social interaction, wich could be easily solved by making general chat readable during missions.

The reasoning behind this is beyond me, but the CM said its not that big of an issue to the developers, so it wont be changing any time soon.

As for a cabal you can apply to the one I am in, with the cabal member cap being 30, its hard to have more than 2-3 active players at any time, but its better than nothing. Its called Deathstrikers leader is cobramax76.

So its not that people dont want to COOP, its that the way the game is made, it makes it impossible for random players to encounter each other and come together.