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Just Bought Imperium Edition on the Xbox one X

However I cannot seem to get the Coop to work, It was my understanding this has Coop campaign.

I hope I didnt just waste my money. Any help would be appreciated. 

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Coop Xbox
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4 years 306 days ago
Thank you, I appreciate the help.
4 years 306 days ago
There no hard release date for 2.0 but the tenative window is fall which officially starts Sep 23rd. They have stated they're trying for the end of Sep but no gaurantees

Prophecy is a stand alone expansion and will not be covered in the  Season Pass

4 years 307 days ago

Ok bummer, Does anyone know when 2.0 for consoles happens?


Does the Season Pass Cover the upcoming Prophecy DLC as well? 

Man this deal is seeming less and less appealing if not. 

4 years 307 days ago
You have to complete the 'tutorial' section of the campaign first. Also true co-op, with the other player's actual character, won't be available until 2.0 drops. For now the game generates a character for the joining player.