Content Update for Knight's Tale - The Chained God | June 23


Updates to King Arthur: Knight's Tale have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

Patch v1.2

New features

Seasonal content: The Chained God

  • The Chained God is a seasonal content, a short, stand-alone campaign where you control a fearless Fomorian Champion. This campaign is a set of skirmish missions without management options, a purely tactical experience with a story that ties into the main story of Knight's Tale
  • The four difficulty levels available in the regular campaign are available in the Season as well
  • These Seasonal missions will remain playable even after future releases

Revamped Endgame

  • 20 new Endgame missions available now after one completed the story campaign. These missions require an even more tactical approach than the previous ones
    • In 12 missions you will face the mighty Fomorians
    • 8 missions are against the various enemy factions you already encountered in the campaign
  • Old Endgame missions are still accessible by loading saves which were created after the completion of Act IV
    • Those players, who haven't yet reached the end of the story will gain access only to the new Endgame missions
    • Players who finished the story already can open up the new Endgame by loading their save file which was created right after the completion of the last Act IV story mission. A new tab has been added to the Main menu under which this specific save will be displayed
  • The fights against the Endgame bosses (King Bres, Great Worm, Balor) were rebalanced to provide an even greater challenge than before
  • Most Endgame units were revised: their damage output has been decreased slightly but their Vitality has been boosted at the same time

Seasonal endgame mechanics

Collect Soul Fragments

  • Slain Fomorians drop a Fragment of their Souls that can be collected by stepping on them
  • Soul Fragments still hold part of the malicious Fomorian essence; picking one up bestows various debuffs on a Hero, based on the type of Soul
  • Soul Fragments expire after 2 Turns
  • Soul Fragments are lost if not picked up before expiry or by the end of the Encounter (except for the ones dropped at the very end of an Encounter)

Fomorian Spires

  • You may encounter Fomorian Spires on Missions
  • These Spires empower Fomorians and conjure powerful Hurricanes every Turn
  • Destroying them not only eliminates these effects, but also grants a Spire Shard
  • Collect Spire Shards to empower your Relics' unique enchants

New building: Soul Merchant

  • The Soul Merchant is located in Camelot
  • 20+ new Seasonal Relic items have been added to its stock. Acquire them with collected Soul Fragments to enhance your Heroes' capabilities
  • Some of these Relics have unique enchants that get stronger as you acquire more Spire Shards
  • The Soul Merchant's stock does not refresh, all his goods are visible from the start, so you can plan ahead

Reduced storage space requirement

  • The occupied hard drive space of Knight's Tale has been decreased by more than 66%. The current size was reached by compressing most textures as well as models
  • Side effect: due to the aforementioned changes the current patch has a much bigger size as the update restructures and replaces many files in the game's directory. All save files will remain playable

Knight's Tale on Geforce Now

  • You asked, we listened. You can now roam the lands of Avalon using Geforce Now. You haven't yet heard about Geforce Now? Read more here!

Cohh Carnage voicing Balor

  • We're thrilled to announce that the voice of Balor during the Chained God mini campaign is narrated by Twitch streamer Cohh Carnage, who was a supporter of the game from the very beginning, so it was a no brainer to do something cool together

Difficulty levels in Roguelite mode

  • The four difficulty levels of Classic mode are now also available in Roguelite mode. All levels are identical to their Classic mode counterparts
  • Players can only set the difficulty level before starting a new campaign


  • A new shielded Melee role icon has been added to units with shield to indicate the possibility of that unit blocking incoming damage
  • Respeccing all skill points is cancellable in the Training Ground
  • Added a translation to all cinematics for every localization
  • Added a description in The Tale of Sir Yvain mission about the disabled manual saves during the mission


  • Rebalanced some stats of the Vanguard:
    • Their default Surprise damage has been lowered to 30% from 50%
    • Their Surprise damage while in Hidden state has been lowered to 20% from 50%
    • Their Backstab damage has been lowered to 15% from 30%
    • Their Backstab damage from ambush has been lowered to 15% from 20%
    • Various items granting surprise damage have also been moderately nerfed
      • Developer comment: Vanguards got really out of hand late game, easily dealing 3-4 times the damage that other classes were able to. These nerfs aim to mitigate that, while keeping the early and mid-levels of the class intact. After the changes, Vanguards will still be able to dish out more damage than any of the other classes (about 1.5x times the damage of Champions for example), but they won't be able to single-handedly delete whole enemy teams
  • Rebalanced the effect of the Demonic Possession tag
  • Various Endgame maps have been improved from a balance perspective
  • Most of the endgame enemies have been rebalanced. Damage numbers have been scaled down, while vitality, armour, and AP numbers have been tuned in order to present a more fair, and consistent challenge
  • The minimum range of the Marksman's Poison Bomb is now 2 instead of 3
  • From now on, the Mental Debuff Resist stat defends units against the Chill effect of Lady Morgana le Fay's Glacial Strike skill instead of Physical Debuff Resist
  • The Vanguard's Sprint skill will put the Hero into Hidden state at the end of the player's turn if the conditions for Hide are sufficient (the Hero ends up on a tile where they can hide)
  • The Fire Drake skill received a ranged tag so it can benefit now from enchants providing increased range for ranged skills
  • The Glowing Sphere's Zap skill no longer ignores the Armour of the Hero
  • The Burrowed Queen's Bite skill will no longer stun our Heroes

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed various crash issues
  • Fixed the Tome of Release
  • Fixed the Keeper of the Excalibur trait of Sir Mordred. Moreover, the trait gives +10% damage now
  • The Free Targeting Preview option is once again available in the Options under the Controls tab
  • The Black Knight using his Leap Attack on uneven terrains broke the model's posture. This has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue in The Return of Morgana le Fay mission where the game could stuck sometimes when one of the cutscenes got triggered
  • Fixed an encounter in The Black Keep mission which did not end even if one killed all the enemy units
  • Fixed an issue where Lady Isolde could resurrect automatically after unlocking the Apprentice Herbalist Hospice upgrade and completing one mission afterward
  • Fixed all traits which granted any kind of bonus to Heroes in missions while the Heroes were appointed as masters of a given building in Camelot (like Lady Guinevere's Tutor, Sir Pelleas' Drillmaster or the Faerie Knight's Sacrificer trait). Previously, the Hero with such a trait had to be in our party as well to receive the bonus
  • Fixed the "-1 AP Cost for Blood Hex" enchant's description. The Ashes of Abhartach relic item reduces the AP cost by 2
  • Fixed the "-1 AP Cost for Force Bolt" enchant's description. The Rune of Channeling relic rune reduces the AP cost by 2
  • Critters were sometimes frozen on the ground and made no movements when our party came near them
  • Fixed an issue in The Tale of Sir Yvain mission where the game could stuck if one of the totems were attacked with the Vanguard's Strike
  • Fixed an issue in The Wild Hunt Returns where if the NPC died the appearing Continue button could not be interacted with
  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial window about the option to change the difficulty level on the Adventure Map appeared in Roguelite mode as well
  • Added a picture to the loading screen of The Traitor mission
  • Added a picture to the loading screen in PvP
  • Removed the Curse debuff from the list of debuffs as Shrines could still apply this effect sometimes
  • Fixed an issue in the Balor's Champion mission where even if Gwendolyn died the ritual could go on and the mission didn't end in failure
  • Fixed Sir Tristan's Lost trait. The Hero will no longer be affected by Bleeding
  • Fixed the sound of Merlin's Fog skill
  • Fixed an issue where players could manually save in The Tale of Sir Yvain mission after finishing any battle
  • Fixed the enchant granting +4 temporary HP when triggering the Defensive Stance skill
  • Fixed the description of the Slaughterer's Strike skill. The ability hits twice in quick succession, not one
  • Fixed one of the Minstrel in Distress event's choices which did not increase the loyalty of the female Heroes

Fixed skills

  • Fixed the Corrupt Armour mastery of Sir Dagonet's Master of Hexes skill
  • The Vanguard's Strike was fixed. The second hit now takes the removed Armour, HP, temporary HP as well as the applied debuffs into account before damaging the enemy
  • Fixed the Master Poisoner mastery of Sir Tristan's Alchemist skill
  • The Lady of Winter's Magical Bolt skill can no longer hit hidden units
  • Fixed various stacking skills where the stack did not save properly if one reloaded their save file after an encounter
  • Fixed an issue where Merlin's Fire Bolt skill could damage enemy units with fire immunity tag as well
  • The Weeper's Thunder Shot skill could hit hidden units as well. This has been fixed
  • Fixed the Master Poisoner ability of Sir Tristan which did not increase the damage reduction of the Hero's Poison Cut skill
  • Fixed the Bones Spike skill which did not damage friendly units despite being an Area ability
  • From now on, the Ice Plate ability can block the Fire Wips Zap skill
  • Fixed an issue where Lady Boudicea's Counter-Attack skill was triggered even when the Hero received a knockback
  • Fixed Sir Tristan's Smoke Bomb which made all ranged enemy units to move towards our Heroes. From now on, in such situations ranged units will enter into overwatch state
  • Fixed an issue related to the Fire Drake skill where the ability didn't damage units sometimes even if they stood on targeted tiles. Moreover the skill did not benefit from the extra damage bonus received in Hidden state. This has been fixed as well
  • Merlin's Falling Star area spell inflicted less damage against bigger-sized enemy units. This has been fixed
  • Fixed the description of the Shieldbearer's Champion Roar: it applies Weakness instead of Vulnerability

Controller fixes

  • Fixed an issue where one could not ignite the Balefire with the controller in The Protector mission
  • From now on, the displayed icons on the map can be checked with the controller
  • From now on, you can swap your Heroes on the Hero List
  • From now on, you can check your loot after the missions on the Mission Result screen
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Content Update for Knight's Tale - The Chained God | June 23
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In the Fire with Fire mission (an optional mission after the start of the game), the enemies do not move and do not end their turn. Can't play any more!

Just look at the number of negative comments the game has on steam!All because of a bunch of bugs