Content Update for Inquisitor - v2.3.6 - March 16


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr will be released. The updates will be applied automatically after the scheduled maintenance and when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. Please also note that during maintenance, players will be unable to login.

Patch v2.3.6 

New event: Splinter Fleet

  • The all new Splinter Fleet event is here! Refine your fighting methods against the Tyranid menace in preparation for a predicted future invasion! The Ordo Xenos expects your participation, Inquisitors!

Fixed bugs

  • Corrected the descriptions of all the Psalm-code Doctrines to be in line with their counterparts in the Compendium
  • Fixed the position of an enemy group in a Rescue mission as players could get teleported into the middle of the group at the beginning
  • The Voltagheist Turret did not change its target automatically. This has been fixed
  • Ordo missions can no longer be abandoned
  • The Empyrean Hail Psychic Power did not put Slow on enemies despite the Hinder Movement mastery skill got activated. This has been fixed
  • Fixed the Phasing Assault skill of the Assassin Power Sword which did not remove Death Marks from enemy targets in Co-Op
  • Fixed the Shock Stimulus passive skill which did not work for the Tech-Adept
  • Fixed the '+100% duration to Surprise state' relic enchant which did not increase the Surprise state duration triggered by the Stealth Bodysuit and the Personal Teleporter
  • Fixed the Needler Toxin debuff icon which did not appear on the UI
  • Decreased the volume of the Fiery Form Psychic Power
  • Upon reaching 100 Influence points in one go in any star system, players didn't receive rewards for completing both the 50 and the 100 point milestones. This has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue where Baron Joachim Krankenblut Boss unit could appear in various Starmap missions
  • Fixed an issue where Inoculator effects could drop down from characters after cutscenes
  • Fixed an issue where a part of a text in the Van Wynter Legacy story campaign wasn't displayed properly
  • Fixed the Ultimate Penance Tier V objective which could not completed under certain circumstances
  • The Suppression Stimulus Psychic Mastery has been renamed to Warp Energy Redirection and it works properly now
  • Fixed an issue in the French localization where certain letters were not displayed sometimes on the UI
  • Fixed an issue where upon activation huge stacks of Tarot card consumables, the game sometimes did not register them
  • Fixed a missing icon for the Poisoned Souls DLC assignment
  • Fixed numerous strings in various localization


  • From now on the Tech Adept's constructs are summoned instantly near the character, no selector will appear. The selector will only appear for the stationary defenses like the Tarantula Boltgun and the Voltagheist turret
  • From now on the selector will appear for the Sentinel Armour, Demolition Armour and the Assault Armour too so Crusaders can select their target location when using their Armour skills
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Content Update for Inquisitor - v2.3.6 - March 16
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3 years 57 days ago
We are still working on the Angel of Death effect but I cannot yet confirm a new patch as some things are still in the works. 
3 years 62 days ago
Hey Marco,

Just wondering how you guys are travelling with Angel of Death bonus and the Death Incarnate trophy on PS4?

Can confirm that nobody has obtained that trophy since 11/03/2021 via PSN Profiles.

3 years 79 days ago
Thanks. I did. So far so good. ;)
3 years 81 days ago
Could you please verify the game's integrity in Steam and check back on the game? We haven't received such reports ever since the patch was released so probably some files got broken when you downloaded the patch. Please check on it. (It's best to verify the game two times in a row, the 1st sometimes doesn't help).
3 years 82 days ago

After last patch games freezes specially on maps with many enemies and after complete freeze game crashes. I didn't have such problems before patch. PC game.

This comment was edited 3 years 82 days ago by Alluryn
3 years 85 days ago
We will check the Ordnance Seeker and the Grenadier trophies in Co-Op, thanks for reporting it!

The Angel of Death will be checked, I will get back to you with a proper answer shortly!

3 years 86 days ago
Hi marcopolocs,

I hadn't played much before the previous patch so unable to comment.

I discovered the grenade counter, along with opening supply boxes counter, stopped when playing co-op.  They both worked find when I went back to single player.

The angel of death one we were still having issues with though.  I note the comment about the change in requirements but we were easily getting the requirements in both co-op and single player with none of them registering.

Really enjoying the game and thanks for taking the time to reply.

3 years 88 days ago
Brother Kundari
It was fixed yesterday a little later. Sorry for the glitch.

@JIMMEC‍ when did you notice that the counter does not go up at all? Since the release of our newest patch on PS4?

3 years 89 days ago
Ok, now this is definitely a bug. Splinter Fleet is no way over. It just started, but still it is announced as over and done.
3 years 89 days ago
Well, thats ok. But how exactly? I cant find any color coded missions there at all. Hope it gets fixed soon
3 years 89 days ago
Ok, this is a bit confusing, but oh well...

What does Grenades on Playstation have to do with Splinter Fleet? Why do people even take issues with PS to this thread at all?

3 years 89 days ago

this is a bug, it is still available via starmap =)

3 years 89 days ago
Hi - wasn't that Splinter fleet event suppose to go for 30 days..?
3 years 89 days ago
Posted by JimmeC 3 years 89 days ago
Having a few issues on PS4.  Grenade kills count has stopped at 132 / 1000.  Friend cannot get Angel of Death bonuses to occur.  Please help.

Massacre effects

  • Angel of Death no longer gives invulnerability or Critical strength but 35% Critical damage bonus. Also note that the trigger changed: it now requires 10 crits with only 1 second in between, from 3 crits with 3 seconds in between
3 years 89 days ago
Having a few issues on PS4.  Grenade kills count has stopped at 132 / 1000.  Friend cannot get Angel of Death bonuses to occur.  Please help.