Constructs summon game crash


When summoning constructs, the game randomly crashes. No idea if it only affects a specific construct type - I only use Kataphrons (2 vanguards and 3 destroyers). Mission loads, I teleport in, start summoning constructs and the game crashes:

It has been happening since the start of this season. For months I have been submitting crash reports (must be close to 50 by now) and nothing changes - the game keeps crashing.

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Constructs summon game crash
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1 year 84 days ago
Yes, it happened to me once, and stop happening after a reboot. It's not a big problem but I'm kinda freaking out when it first appear.
1 year 84 days ago

The game also crashes on your end when you start to summon Constructs at the start of missions?

1 year 86 days ago

Is the bug fixed? I have the same problem today

1 year 99 days ago
Wow, the very first attempt was successful, we reproduced the crash instantly. Forwarded to our devs, not sure what's the issue behind this but we will track it down. 

Thanks for the report!

1 year 104 days ago
It's Lankester (Steam).
1 year 105 days ago
I know I always ask this from you (since you submit a lot of reports) but can you remind me of your platform and account name? We would like to borrow your character and locate the crash problem. Thanks in advance!