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I'm still experimenting with the tech adept and have some questions:

1. I've seen a purple kastelan power fist in the store with 4 (!) enchants (bright). Can every purple module have this? Mine have mostly 2 (3 after re-rolling). I crafted/re-rolled several modules but never got one with 4 enchants.

Edit: I just saw that the crafting receipes say "3-5" enchants but I only get 2. And even re-rolling gives me 3 maximum. There seems to be something wrong.

2. I datamined a little bit and saw some possible module enchants for every specific construct ability. Like "Damage Bonus for the Lasgun Shoot Skill of the Tarantula Turret" for example. Are these actually in the game? I've seen an enchant to boost up the vivisector self destruct damage several times but that was the only one so far.

3. Does every type of construct (except the kastelan) count as "teleported in"? I mean the turrets basically just drop from the sky and it feels like they don't benefit from the "+30% damage for 20 seconds for constructs after been teleported in" perk. Hard to tell...

Thx in advance

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Construct Enchants
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3 years 6 days ago

Thanks, we will look into this and won't let the enchant roll onto any not Vivisector-related items!

A training dummy is indeed a good idea, we will give it a thought on our end.

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3 years 7 days ago

- Ok, than I will have an eye on the modules from the stores. 

- It would be great to have these specific enchants in the game because it would make a significant change for the tech adept I think. No pressure :-)

- Sometimes yes sometimes no. But after playing around a little bit I would say it does increase turret dmg. It's hard to tell without proper test enviroment. Are there any plans for some kind of test dummy on the ship? That would be really great...

Thx for the answers!

btw: the vivisector self destruct enchant I mentioned before always appears on primary weapon modules for the kastelan bot. I don't think that this is intended... ;-)

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3 years 7 days ago
Hi @NESTOR980‍,

- the 1st is indeed a wrong description, only 2 enchants can roll onto items when you craft any. We will change this as soon as possible. Items in the store can have more enchants on them.

- these construct specific enchants are not yet in the game, we are still experimenting with them. Hard to tell right now when we will implement these changes

- yes, the only exception is the Kastelan as you mentioned. You don't see any substantial damage increase?