Connection Problem


Hello, I have been able to play the game that I bought about a year ago by using VPN since then. But other than this method, I cannot connect to the game's servers. Although I tried most of the things you said on Steam and your own site, I could not get a positive result. I bought the game from Turkey and I live in Turkey. Please assist me in solving this problem. Thank you in advance, I wish you a good day.

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Connection Problem
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2 years 193 days ago

Frankly, I could not find a complete solution to my problem. I was able to solve my problem by using VPN as before. Actually, I'm a little upset with you about this. You have returned quite late and the problem I was having still persists.

2 years 195 days ago
As I see you found a solution to the problem. Can I ask what helped you eventually?
2 years 222 days ago

Hello, account I'm using on windows is already admin. Even so, I tried what you said by opening a separate account. The result is the same as before. Even though I love the game and want to play it, this problem is quite annoying. Is there another way I can try? Please help me with this issue.

2 years 223 days ago
Did you try creating a new Windows user with admin rights? Most Russian players from  back in 2018 could resolve the connection problem through this.
2 years 226 days ago

Please help me with this. Believe me, I can't think of any solution.