Connection Problem


90% of missions : Backend connection problem 30..29..28.. AND disconnected, wasted your time again!

try to login , CANT connect to gamesparks server, or neocore server... try again later...

Maybe upgrade servers to allow more people on it? Seems it's on it's limit like Wolcen servers at the beginning XD

And no offline mode, so either i waste my time try to complete 1 mission over and over and get kicked off at the end mission screen or i cant play the game i payed money for...

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Connection Problem
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1 year 199 days ago
Yes the servers are fine now, only very seldom get a drop. Thanks for your replies!
1 year 204 days ago
Could you please check on the servers again? There should be no problem right now so if you still experience it, then this will be an individual problem. Please get back to us here if possible.