Companion Bug


This is the second time i run into this bug (with 70 mins of playtime). First time it was okay because it was at the end of the mission. However the second time is 5 mins later (Amongst the Ruins mission) i fight on the bridge, one of the "must survive" champions die so i had to load. After load, Sir Balan and Sir Balin refuse to follow me. I went to the fight trigger anyways hoping they'd be teleported. They were, i can move with them in the fight, but can't attack any enemies? Enemies just ignore them, and if i stand in front of an enemy they just don't move / don't attack (unless they are in range of any other character). This bug makes the game unplayable. If i can't find a solution i will need to refund because i don't want to restart the game / mission every time i have to load. Anyone else ran into this issue?

Video of the bug:

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Companion Bug
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