"Cognis Protocal" Heroic Deed


This is the one where you have to complete a mission by dealing damage only with construct turrets.

I can't get it to work!

I'm using only Tarantula Turrets with the standard Boltguns. I'm not wearing any equipment that causes things to to explode on death or similar. I'm fighting away from any explosive barrels or things that can cause damage.

Any suggestions for what I am doing wrong, or is it broken?

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"Cognis Protocal" Heroic Deed
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4 years 98 days ago

After some reports we checked the Heroic Deed and we could unlock it. But there are some factors which can make it impossible to achieve like the Guardsmen or Damage reflect enchants.
We are considering to change the requirement of this deed to some degree to make it more doable as it is indeed hard to get.
Sorry for the trouble!

4 years 99 days ago
I have the same bug. This is not you.