Co-op x|s = failed to join match


Dear Inquisitor Dev-Team: Ever since Season of Judgement kicked off- many bugs were fixed- yes- and thanks for that- but in doing so, some other issues have reared their irritating head:  2 issues currently come to the top of the mind:

- co-op

1.)  When there are 2 or more players in one party (Any co-op missions VC or Intel or Randoms) the missions will say: "failed to join match"  and it keeps doing this incessantly over and over... sometimes it does actually go through and load.. but lately more time is wasted trying to start a co-op than it would be to just play solo.

2.)Regarding HC VCs: When the party leader que's up a Hardcore Void Crusade mission for co-op and that mission says "failed to join match" 10 or 20 times - the mission in question in the void crusade map then shows up as 'ghosted' i.e. 'failed' (read -> unclickable) but it's not registering as failed because the hardcore crusade didn't 'fail'


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Co-op x|s = failed to join match
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347 days ago
hey I'll ask the console team to check if there is anything causing this on our end. Cheers and thank you for the report
347 days ago
Thank you... But there's been a development: the 'failed to join match' issue has not happened as of the end of July- but there is something new that is happening- and that is the game reports a 'connection to internet lost' in the middle of a crusade mission- and it kicks me back to the start menu- I hit a button to continue, login with profile and i get back to the game menu and i hit start- it brings me back to the bridge with my character...

the good news is that the crusade mission i was in when the internet connection was lost, was still there, that is to say it was 'clickable' and not ghosted as a mission in progress would be... - but it basically treated the mission as if i hadn't done it yet... this is good as it doesn't jeopardize the flawless execution of my void crusade.   

However the bad news is that i can't complete the freaking mission because every time it has this 'internet connection lost'  and i get kicked to the title/start screen.  like 5 attempts in a row this happens.. I'm not sure if it's this one covert mission (Crimson Crusade) in particular that does it or of it's a timed thing... very strange. 

I did the various internet connection troubleshooting and I am pretty sure my internet connection was steady- as i have other connected devices nearby and i see there was a connection when this was happening in the game on the console

I can't be certain if it's my internet provider, console/system or the neocoregames wh40k servers(???) I can say this has never been a problem before - and i can't rule out some other factor non-related the game and it's servers... 

as a side note: when I do co-op with my buddy online- he often times shows up in my game as 'loading'  that's what it says where his gamertag should be.. and when he sends me items via the in-game mailing system - his emails says 'restricted' and when i click on them the game tells me to check the allowances for sharing game content which is total malarkey- i also can't send him an item in game as the game tells me i have no friends online playing - even though he is in my ship and i'm talking to him on party chat.. 

what the actual F?  then on other days he shows up with his gamer tag and I can send and receive ingame items from the in game mail system. 

we never had this issue before this new season started this current Season of Judgement   

is this the game? (i did the troubleshooting for the console privacy settings and it was fine) 


362 days ago
hey, we are looking at the issue right now. Thank you for your report :)