Co-Op issues


Hey Guys,

I'm new in the game and I need your assistance to play co-op with my friend. 

I just can't find his co-op room and neither he does.... We are both level 11 and 12 respectively and with the bridge fully accessible.

My Neocore account seems to be strange but it's synched with my game profile ID at Steam. 

I can't whisper to my friend for example. 

He noticed that my icon left to my name is a red user icon while he has a "blue saphire" icon in my screen.

Has anyone know what is going on? 

It seems we are in different networks, but we are in the same region...

It's frustrating because I acquired this game to play with my friends.

Please help


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Co-Op issues
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2 years 333 days ago
There is a chance that he created a Seasonal character while you made a regular character. This option can be ticked in the Main menu during the character creation. Please check on it. 

Moreover, seasonal characters have seasonal tasks to complete. Naturally, regular characters don't have these so it's easy to find out.