Char stuck


My Tech-Secutor, Name: "Lan" is having this bug.

PS5, email "[email protected]"

Please, help me get back to my ship and mission hub.


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Char stuck
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63 days ago
We are still on this issue, didn't forget it just that it takes time.
66 days ago
Thanks for feedback and support. If there is any more information you need from me, just ask and i'll support anyhow i can.

If this is to any help: this issue happened when I created an new character. I first imported my PS4 save file from probably one year ago. When completed the very first mission with the new character. That char too got stuck in space. Logged back to character screen to loggin with my main "Lan" and he too was then stuck in space, like the progress had been copied over to my main. Might be an issue that is related to tech-priest is not available before you complete the main story or something.

Thanks for answer and hopefully the QA team can figure this out. 

66 days ago

I forwarded the problem to the console testers who will download and check your character. We would like to ask your patience until we figure out what is going on.

66 days ago

The character progress have also been resented it seems. He is currently on the very first mission it seams, according to the information screen when selecting characters. Still stuck in space, pressing "L2" does nothing and "R2" show no available mission etc.

Please Look into this. Thanks