Channelled skills stuck on random objects


Any chance to finally fix this bug? Firing continuously a channelled skill which gets randomly stuck at indestructible floor decorations. It's been in the game for so long and happens so frequently, it's hard to believe the devs have never noticed it...

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Channelled skills stuck on random objects
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3 years 113 days ago

It usually happens when you move the cursor around while channelling. It gets stuck on random indestructible objects and decorations and won't move until you stop channelling, move the cursor away and start firing again.

The culprits can be visible, like various anti-tank obstacles in the winter map for example, to barely visible, like the one in the screenshot, to completely hidden that you only find once they grab your channelling beam (and which the devs probably left in by mistake).

3 years 113 days ago
Suddenly I cannot recall this bug but I will discuss it with our team and what can we do about it. Thank you for your report!