Connection issue on PC | RESOLVED



Informing everyone who ran into a connection issue on PC over the weekend:

We just released a small update on Steam. Please check if after downloading it you can run the game without any further problem and inform us if you still cannot connect to the servers. This way the workaround which spread on our forums is no longer necessary.

We would like to thank everyone's patience who got a trouble with the login on PC. A certification got expired on our backend provider's end but this update will fix the problem.

The Emperor protects!


For those who ran into the above mentioned problem when launched Inquisitor - Martyr here is a step-by-step guide which reportedly helped resolving the connection issue:

1. Download the very first "Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA [ Intermediate ]" file from

2.Right click on the file and choose "install certificate". Click "Open" for the trust dialog.

3. Wizard will give choice of installing for the current user or the local machine.

4. Next choice, leave default to let the wizard automatically choose where to install the certificate.

5. Finish the wizard. Launch the game, it should work this time.

We have to highlight that due to the weekend we could not yet found a permanent solution which can make this guide unnecessary. We started to work on this and will likely to deal with the problem on this week!

The Emperor protects!

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Connection issue on PC | RESOLVED
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3 years 182 days ago
Oops!  As a network & infrastructure admin for the past 25+ years, expired SSL certificates are my LEAST favorite thing to deal with.  Thanks for the fix!
3 years 183 days ago
Doesn't work.