CE-34878-0....still not fixed?


With all due respect, please could the devs get their backsides in gear and rectify Error Ce348780. I know im just adding one more complaint to an ever-mounting pile regarding this issue, and im not normally one to complain. I understans that errors ocurr, and i like many of your customers have been more than patient in waiting for you to resolve this. However, after about a month of waiting to be able to progress in a game i paid top dollar for, i have a few direct questions that i would appreciate swift and direct answers to. First; what precisely are you doing to fix an issue that you have been aware of for quite some time. Second; when are you actually going to fix it so that i can actually enjoy this product. And third; what do you intend to do to compensate all of us whi have spent good money on your product but are unable to actually use it? So far ive seen a lot of talk about "maybe this week, maybe next", but you do understand that this continual procrastination is not only incredibly unprofessional, but also incredibly insulting to your customers? PLEASE FIX THIS!!!! 

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CE-34878-0....still not fixed?
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5 years 19 days ago

the fix will come within a couple of days!
Also we are planning to give something as a compensation to our players!

5 years 19 days ago

I have same issue while loading a mission “the doomed city”


5 years 19 days ago
So many of us feel the same !

6 weeks that I wait personally.

1st and last time I buy a game from neocore !

A bad reputation spreads so fast ^^

5 years 21 days ago
Same here. 

I feel like i bought a VW Diesel.