Can't buy from Ragna anymore


I completed a Campaign mission and now I can't buy from Ragna anymore. She has a permanent  green ! above her and I can't purchase from her anymore. The store won't open at all. I made a topic about one glitch now I got another (sigh)

PSN ID eleganthook870.

Store Page
Can't buy from Ragna anymore
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5 years 158 days ago

Yes, we will deal with it on our backend!

5 years 159 days ago
I have the same problem. Can u fix it?
5 years 159 days ago
I had this bug beginning of september !

Still not corrected !

But be prepared to face more bugs if you're lucky they unlock the situation.

They did it for me in september but I was stuck a few hours of playing afterwards by a bug which crash the console !

And guess what, still waiting for a fix, 6 weeks now ^^

Don't expect much unfortunatly