I would really like to see the ability for cabal members to actually interact in game.  In its current state today their is no cabal interactivity in game, and you play and feel like it a single player game. The whole cabal aspect feels like an afterthought and it does not encourage any comradery. You sign in, you get to the bridge of the Rogue Trader and you see a small blurb about a cabal directive. That's about it.  You don't even know if your other cabal members are online, unless you go to your members section. The whole co-op function and Online Co-op function is cumbersome, slow, and just down right painful.  A change I would like to have implemented for cabals, instead of you appearing on the bridge of the Rogue Trader, you would appear in a Cabal Fortress where all your other Cabal members will appear and can interact with one another.  In this cabal instance, you can select other members, chat, invite to a group(for co-op play, warzone), maybe even a way to trade relics or a vendor you can sell relics to other members. Have special Cabal Directives where you have to do upkeep of your Cabal Fortress, and upgrades for defenses.  Then have special cabal INSTANES once you are grouped up that you can run into and play together, or defense of a large scale attack on your fortress.  This could even be expanded out where your cabal joins other cabals in a larger organized attack.   

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5 years 117 days ago
IF Neocore is trying to stay true to Fluff, this may never happen. Simple explaination, Inquisitors have sovergn autonomy and usually dont work well with each other. Think about it like this. Its Thanksgiving. Everomes at grandmas with mom and aunties in the kitchen all acting like old hens trying to be queen of the roost