Bugs with the game


Going to make a list of bugs I found during my experience with the game:

1)If you open the game with the client in the game folder "Warhammer_x64_11" (E:\Games\Warhammer 40k\steamapps\common\Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor - Martyr) the game will open up but you will receive only "Network Error" all the time.

2)When i shot a contain while moving  the angle of the screen the game froze it seems to happen due to massive frame drop (im using 970GTX and I was on max graphics.)

3)Balthar's eye Assassination quest made the game crash the first time I opened it.

4)When you click on "Start Mission" the chat box just appears next to the mission tab.

5)The chat box sometimes does not show the new messages in the chat or it will show the second new message every time.

6)I encountered couple of times mobs that had 11 hp and I shot them i shows 10 dmg and they died , not that i actually do 10 dmg I hit them with 60 but it will show only 10 due to their health.

7)Plague Mariner just bugged out and stood still doing nothing.

8)Plague Barrier some of them just generate health in insane rate.

9)Can't click on the "Close" button in the skill tab I had to change to Heroic Deeds in order to close it.

10)When I activated the "Window mode (Border-less) " The border-less effect did not work till I restarted the game (the game still minimized every time i click on a program on the second screen)



After I killed the mob instead of falling down or exploding it just got stuck like that and the mob can still block shots even though he is dead.


I could climb that weird vent and the movement would look weird but it didn't actually let me climb up to the higher platform I just could go up and down on it.

13)Some pictures can't be uploaded to the post it just says "Something went wrong , Try again" even if I upload the same picture with a URL.

14)The big red robot in Assassination quest 2 bugs:

A)It got stuck behind a pillar and Could not move anymore (Couldn't upload the pic)

B) When i shot his shield barrier the game crashed I used the pistol assault rifle type.

15)I could move inside a pipe (Couldn't upload the pic)

16)I equipped new weapons but when I entered a mission I still had my old weapon , Only after I sold that weapon it let me use the new ones.

17)Can't unequipped  weapons

18)I received items from a mission I finished it showed me the loot when I returned to "Town" but after it they weren't in my inventory.

I hope this is useful!

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Bugs with the game
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7 years 12 days ago

Thanks guys, hopefully these'll get fixed soon.

7 years 12 days ago
Pretty much happened to almost all of them it even happened to the big mech boss on the map.
7 years 12 days ago
18 happens frequently, but doesn't seem to be reproducable. Sometimes it doesn't even show my earned loot, when I go back to hq.
7 years 12 days ago
Posted by PhoenixValkin 7 years 12 days ago
death animations not playing on some enemies, getting standing corpses frozen in place.
Can you tell which enemies are these? Would be great.

Also, thanks for all the feedback guys, I have written everything up for the devs.

7 years 12 days ago
That is what I wrote in 11 with a picture the mobs just died and just froze in place it can even block projectiles.
7 years 12 days ago
death animations not playing on some enemies, getting standing corpses frozen in place.