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working on seasonal character, spent 2 hours, perfect run, but the game crashed on the supreme mission, before I could teleport with group, missing out on end loot.

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Bug Report
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40 days ago
We are looking for a fix. We were able to reproduce this issue so we're looking into a fix. I'm sorry about the trouble guys, and thank you for your patience!
41 days ago

is there anything that can be done about this error? for example fix this

46 days ago
I had the same thing happen to me and it's beyond frustrating to the point the "player base" would not play the game and leave. How did the developers introduce more "game-breaking" bugs with "CONSTANT" player disconnection for everyone except the party leader every mission????????? This is after latest patch v2.9.2!!!! that was supposed to fix this bug???? WTF?