BUG - Psyker Skill "Extermination"


Warp Energy Redirection mastery is not working for the Extermination skill.  It works fine for other skills, but not for Extermination.  I thought it might be due to the self damage, so I dumped 25 points into Resilience for Undying, but nope, still not working.

Is it possible to be bugged only for me and not others?

Searching for other reports of the bug returns nothing.

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BUG - Psyker Skill "Extermination"
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1 year 278 days ago
Thanks, Sunborn.  I'll keep rolling my sword for shield leach then.  Sure would be nice to not lose that slot, but oh well.

The only thing really holding my Psyker back is my PS4 at the moment.  All of the Extermination columns is nearly melting it.  On occasion I'll get a bad screen stutter then it freezes completely.

1 year 279 days ago
Yes, it is bugged, there is some thread about it. They aren't going to fix it until they muck completely around with the psyker class again.

To be honest I thought that rune was bugged for everything. To be sure though, you aren't alone.