Bug omicron arkh Drukhari Threat Campaign The Shadow of Commorragh Help me plz


Hello to you: I have a Bug with omicron arkh there is an Exclamation mark on his head I click on him to talk to him: I do it but after talking to omicron arkh the progress bar does not advance is it prevents me from progressing in the campaign: Drukhari Threat Campaign: you can help me please removed the exclamation point bug (!) on the head of omicron arkh so that I can progress in the campaign: Drukhari Threat Campaign: Please help me.

I took pictures to show you my progress is also the bug with omicron arkh.

Kyrat92 account NeocoreGames.

In-game character: Kalos.

Psyker class.

The Shadow of Commorragh mission.

My Account name on the top left is Kyras92 my Steam account.

I mi 4 photos to show you the bug.

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