Hello and good day to all I would like to know why when I use Destruction Amplification and Meme Virus they only last for 1 mission where it says 5 missions is there a bug that prevents it from working correctly. Thank you 

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1 year 78 days ago
And you would be right! I just checked, and the Console version isn't yet updated, just as you pointed out. The next (Sororitas Class) patch will include this change as well. Cheers!
1 year 80 days ago

When I go to the Meme Virus it states +100% Experience for the next 5 missions as of 05/04/23

1 year 81 days ago

In-game it should already say something along the lines of "for the next mission". Could you tell me where it claims to be five missions still so that we can change it?

1 year 81 days ago
Thanks for your time and reply even though it takes forever to level up and it doesn't drop often for me at all and the description should be changed from 5 missions to 1 thanks again 
1 year 82 days ago

Working as intended! The system was changed so that they only work for one mission, but also drop more frequently.
Have a good one!