Buff Bug With Channeled/Salvo Skills


Hi There and sorry for the bad english :)

I Have seen a problem with the last skill "Concussive Traume" from the skill tree "Physical Attacks" and Salvo/Channeled skills from the heavy Bolter and  the assault gun.

The buff comes only after finishing the attack.

for example: with my heavy bolter i atack an enemy with the first attack from the bolter. so i can fire my hole clip into him and i got not the buff "Concussive Trauma". i got the buff only at the end of the attack. i tipping only one time with the channeled skill or one bullit, and i get the buff.

but i think that is not the correkt working for the buff.. in the discription stays that i get every second one 10% damage buf up to 50% or after 5 seconds after firing him in full auto atack and not tipping 5 singel bullets into the enemy.

here to see on screenshots:

Here we have the skill:

And the Weapon skill from the heavy bolter that is an channeled skill that i used for the experiment:

here the first victime the burgle pustule after firing the half clip into him we see there is no  "concussive trauma" we se only the debuffs from the skill tree that gives every critical hit an vulnerabillity what works very well.

okay.. next test subjekt: again an Pustule we see here. fresh with no damage.. i satrt with an full clip. see here

Than i beginn with a singel hit with the same channeled skill... only one bolt and we become ouer first 10% damage buff see here:

Than the second singel bolt and we become our second buff, see here

the third...


and the last singel bolt gives us the last buff number 5:

and NOW i can beginn with full automaik heavy bolter fire and you know why i have the name Bolt Thrower :D more dakka :D

Okay, other Gun. the assult gun with Salvo and the same problem.

here the gun and the skill:

and anothere Pustule after firing more than the half clip in full automatik: NO Buff gained...

than with an new clip. 5 short bursts with the same skill and we got our 5 buffs:

For my understanding of the buff i got in full automatik skills every second one buff from the skill. and that dont work.. the question is: is that the correkt work of the buff or have we here an bug???

and i have one question for another skill. that one here:

The channeled skill i used from the heavy bolter is an singel target skill. so it must work with that skill here... here stays when i hitting the same target with the same skill. so i must atack the same enemy 2 times with my channeled skill or is it enough with one attack in full auto from the heavy bolter to get the extra suppresion damage?

Thanks Youre Bolt Thrower!

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Buff Bug With Channeled/Salvo Skills
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5 years 21 days ago

what is about that? is that an bug? any progress on it?

5 years 207 days ago
Thanks for the testing on melee weapons :)
5 years 208 days ago
Tested with combo and channelled skills for melee weapons - the same issue. Buff simply adds AFTER you finish holding skill button
5 years 208 days ago
Hi fellow! As I understood, game registers physical attack when skill goes on CD (single shot - after every shot it gives you a buff). But salvo and channeled skills dont go on CD until you release the button. Basically, it SHOULD give you buff after EVERY BULLET, but instead it gives you buff after EVERY COOLDOWN OF SKILL. Which should be fixed