I'd suggest making executions auto-performed, with the automation tied to the "elaborate executions - off" option in the "gameplay" section of the menu.


1. There's no actual point in manual executions, while mowing down the masses. While some may argue, that auto-executions may take up valuable time, the animation timing is much less, then, say knockdown recovery.

2. The manual execution technique is still somewhat sluggish. Even when streamlined by assigning the Middle Mouse Button.

3. Those not using the artistic representation of the executions would appreciate this logical solution. It's just like auto-loot collecting.

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1 year 340 days ago

Ogryns can be executed. They just don't have an animation and explode into gore. So do many other enemy units.

The principal deficiencies of manual executions, IMHO, are: 

1. The targeting mechanics is still quite sluggish - try executing some random heretic amid a bunch of ten hostiles and see the "magic". No wonder Horde enemies can't be executed.

2. Executions have no value against solitary Elites and Villains. It's kind of mandatory to get rid of their retinue beforehand.

3. Executions are no good for +10 difficulty. And the only good build is the one that can hold it's own at +10 for all mission types.

1 year 340 days ago

The long executions could also be gated by an optional (side path) trait in the Execution Tree. That would make it simpler (both triggered by "F" key) and entirely optional.

Another improvement to the Execution Tree would be a trait to allow executions to happen with more enemy types than they currently do (e.g. Ogryns).

(Sorry for the bump, but somehow I can't edit my previous message).

1 year 341 days ago

For what it's worth, I wouldn't like executions to be automatic. They would turn into a generic status effect then, and this game has a lot of them already.

I went into some detail into my thoughts on executions long ago in a suggestion thread:

To sum up, I'd rather have the choice of long (extended animation) executions and normal (current) executions, with a bonus on the benefits for the first type, and both being manually triggered. They could be selected with different keys (e.g. "F" a nd "G" respectively). By adding a cooldown to the long executions, part of the fun would be to pick the right time for each type.

Having a "bullet time" or similar effect for executions as Berff says is also a great idea. This could be associated to a perk or a passive trait deep in the Execution Tree.

Of course, this is going in the opposite direction, but I don't find always optimizing for speed fun, and executions are an optional gameplay element anyway. But we agree in that they could use a boost, cosmetic or otherwise.

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1 year 360 days ago
Auto execution would go a long way in making the execution tree a viable choice. Anyone know of a viable end-game build that uses executions?
1 year 364 days ago
Perhaps Matrix bullet time when execution is triggered?

I'm often attacking someone else by the time of an execution notification. Even worse they often die by poison, heat aura, bleeding, etc before I get back to them.

(BTW I haven't had this much fun with a game in years. Thanks.)

2 years 12 days ago
Your assessment makes sense but the execution itself grants great bonuses so earning them without any action from the player's part sounds a little excessive. 

However, I'm not a designer so I will ask the colleagues' opinion about this idea.

Thanks for the feedback!