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hi there i have 2.. not realy bugs, more than for an rework.

at first the translation. there are in german write/grammar error , translations that will be no sense in german and missing translations. 

and iam an dyslexic ^^

2. the sound when the crusader talks. he is too loud. my boxes/ headset sounds like they drowning out.and i have an  Bayerdynamics mmx300 headset, what is not he badest^^.

sorry for that i find the rite words in english, maybe can anyone help me out with translation. i write it in german:

Mir ist aufgefallen das die gesprochenen texte vom crusader zu laut aufgenommen sind. es klingt immer so als ob die boxen oder das headset übertönt, sprich dröhnen. und ich habe ein bayerdynamics MMX300 headset, was nicht gerade das schlechteste aufn markt ist.

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Audio and Translation
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6 years 36 days ago

same by me,specially by german audio and translations,sometimes there is no german subtitles. in many cutscences there is just no audio and rnd subs ger or eng. would be nice if u guys can check this and fix it,cuz for the story i think its rly important.

6 years 36 days ago

Hi! Thank you for the report! May I ask you to send this to [email protected] (in email)- we are gathering all the wrong translations here. They will be fixed as soon as possible.