Assigning Keys with modifier is bugged


I observed if e.g. i assign shift + w/a/s/d for doging while w/a/s/d is assigned for walking / strafing it always doges, no matter if i have shift pressed or not. Same happens for any other assignment using shift (probably also with other modifiers). Another example is shift + R for incubator and R for reloading.

In the menu it shows me the correct assignment but it seems the modifier is ignored in the game itself.

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Assigning Keys with modifier is bugged
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4 years 297 days ago
So it is still broken in the relase version.

This is so annoying. You provide so many activateable skills and function but not an easy way to access them all?

The default keybindings are unplayable if you do not want to move your hand across half ot the kayboard.

And then you cannot assign a somewhat usable keybindings... Are you playing this game yourself?

Was fine in alpha, ok in beta, but such a simple and very important thing to be broken is not acceptable in release!

4 years 308 days ago
Confirmed. Same for me but with Ctrl.