Assail Bleeding effekt bug (psyker on pc)


Hi there and sorry for bad englisch.

I use the spell assail for my psyker with the combination of an slow effekt from the dot skill tree wen bthe enemy is bleeding.

but the assil makes no dot. seen on screenshots here:

here the spell with the Dot:

and the slow effekt when the enemy is bleeding:

okay.. here we have an fresh enemy that i hit with assil and the grate funktion of the knockback what works fine, but no slow effekt to seen:

after an while we soo no dot effekt to.. only that the enemy is regenerade him self.

Thanks Your Bolt Thrower.

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Assail Bleeding effekt bug (psyker on pc)
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5 years 190 days ago
We will check on this, thanks for reporting it!