Armor disappearing


This is the second time this has happened to me - a few months ago I was adding sockets and shards to some shiny new armor, exited Omikron and when I got to the deck of the ship, my armor was missing.  Logged out, restarted PC, nothing helped, it was just gone.  Devs were kind enough to investigate and replace it for me which I appreciate.

Well, today I got a nice set of Demolition armor, and went to modify it, and again, when I exited the crafting screen, my Crusader lost it again. Not in inventory, not in storage, logged out, etc. - missing.

This time, however, I noticed something that I forgot the first time around - after socketing and re-rolling some stats, the armor lost it's color - it was just white.  Not missing textures or anything, it had all that and shading, but it was just a bone white set of armor.  This is exactly the same thing that happened last time (don't know if this helps or not).  Before I exited the crafting screen I went to check my appearance and noticed.  I did try to change colors, but no matter what I chose the armor was still just white, and when I exited it was just plain missing.

Just want to report this in case it happens to anyone else.

Account name is sklep1975, character is Brutus.

Absolutely love this game - thanks Devs!

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Armor disappearing
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3 years 362 days ago

Thanks for the quick reply.

It was relic, I'm pretty sure.  I had just finished a void crusade so I was socketing some stuff.

Emailed support with details.

Thanks for your help!

3 years 362 days ago

This is an important addition to your previous report. We can start here. Can you tell me the tier of the Demolition Armour you lost? We will try to find that piece or a similar one which can become broken.

Additionally: please contact us at [email protected] so we can compensate your loss.